Heartfelt stories deserve to be told with a cinematic feel. I combine my artistic vision and technical expertise to create modern films that deliver inspiring messages.

Vietnam: Fast Forward

After years of war and occupation, a new generation of inspiring entrepreneurs sets out to pursue their personal dreams while pushing Vietnam forward onto the world stage. Winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 2021 Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival.

Duration: 58 min, 36 sec.
Quality: 4K UHD, surround sound.
Premiere: March 2021.


Jewel of the Pacific

What happens when a sleepy beach town starts transforming? A story on gentrification in the heart of San Diego, California: Pacific Beach. Winner of the Audience Award for Best Short Documentary at the 2018 Marina del Rey Film Festival.

Duration: 37 min, 50 sec.
Quality: 4K DCI, stereo sound.
Premiere: October 2018.


Duration: 26 min, 46 sec.
Quality: Full HD, stereo sound.
Premiere: April 2019.


Voyage to the Sea of Cortez

A short scuba diving film showcasing the underwater world in the Sea of Cortez (Mexico). Official Selection of the 2016 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition

Duration: 4 min, 49 sec.
Quality: Full HD, stereo sound.
Premiere: October 2016.


Good Morning, San Diego!

My personal tribute to the beautiful city of San Diego, California (USA). A short film showcasing aerial scenes captured around sunrise over a period of four months.

Duration: 4 min, 39 sec.
Quality: Full HD, stereo sound.
Premiere: November 2014.
News Article: Times of San Diego.

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